Visionairs Asia

We just love art. it is our true passion. Photography is an art of observation

Singapore... a little country in Asia... a much more big city in business stories !

Singapore remains a quite pleasant place to meet nice new artists in Asia

Humanity, humanism... Human art

  • I really enjoy meeting new artists in Asia, or anywhere else... I often travel from here to Paris, New York City and so many places, to meet artists all arround the world !... You're welcome also.
    Many people come at singapore, to visit us. Everytime, it's a real pleasure for us. Thanks a lot for visiting again !
    Lydie Blandeau, artist
  • We fully designed a nice place here, in Singapore.
    Our office is located close to Marina Bay.
    Most of out visitors didn't expect such a nice welcome when visiting us.
    We are always pleased to meet you.
    Lydie Blandeau, artist
  • We just had an exhibition at Shanghai during a few days, two weeks ago... it was a success !...
    This week, we work with our office at Honk-Kong.
    Next month, we plan new exhibitions...
    Lydie Blandeau, artist